El Somni D'Orfeu

The Dream of Orpheus Paths of Memory and Intercultural Dialogue 2017

Music in the hospitals and prisons of Barcelona

The myth of Orpheus is one of the most ancient and symbolic in Greek mythology. Orpheus is the Musician par excellence, who is said to have played such captivating melodies that wild beasts followed him, trees and plants bowed before him, and the fiercest of men were calmed by them. Of all the music that surrounds us, where is the wonderful music that, in days gone by at the hands of Orpheus, was able to tame wild beasts and transform the most brutal of men into sensitive human beings? Has music today lost its power? Now, more than ever, our “Dream of Orpheus” affirms the belief in the power of music, the most fragile and spiritual of all the arts, and its ability to help human beings to rediscover harmony in their lives and peace in their hearts, making them more sensitive and supportive of one another.

That is why we are convinced of the responsibility and power that each and every one of us has to contribute through music to rediscover and renew the humanist spirit which is so essential to our civilization and to enrich it with elements from other more distant civilizations. It is indeed Culture, in all its aesthetic, spiritual and universal dimension, that enables each one of us to draw inspiration from the past to participate more fully in the creation of a more just and humane future.


Music in hospitals, prisons and medical centres

The CIMA (International Centre for Early Music) Foundation has embarked on a new activity, bringing concerts to venues in the city of Barcelona where music is often absent, such as, for example, hospitals, prisons and strategic action neighbourhoods. In doing so, we aim to convey the values of early and traditional music (intercultural dialogue, historical memory, popular traditions, etc.) and transmit the power, beauty and emotion of this music to sectors of our society which do not normally have access to it.

In this cycle of concerts, we take music to patients in hospitals, medical centres and geriatric care homes, as well as to the inmates of prisons in and around Barcelona. Music is thus the protagonist of a dialogue between musicians from a variety of cultural backgrounds and the patients or prison inmates involved, in which music also brings a message of hope and humanity. The cycle of concerts takes place at various venues in Barcelona, bringing together the musicians from various countries and cultural traditions who regularly appear in Jordi Savall’s musical productions. Our aim is to take music to music to the people who need it most, as well as to provide a meeting place for different musical traditions using period instruments. Our hope is that this venture will bring emotion and beauty to the places where they are most necessary.