Helpmann Awards 2018

Live Performance Australia has recognized Jordi Savall for the third time with a Helpmann Award.

The award comes after the performance in the Perth Concert Fall on February the 2nd 2018 during  the Perth Festival. Hespèrion XXI and the Tembembe Ensamble Continuo played the “Folías Antiguas y Criollas” program. Alia Vox has edited two of the collaborations of Hespèrion XXI and Tembembe in NUEVO MUNDO, and more recently, BAILAR CANTANDO.

2018 Nominees


The University of Western Australia

Perht Festival


Jordi Savall received the Helpmann Awards 2014 for the concert Jersualem: City of two Peaces at Melbourne Recital Center and Sydney Opera House (Australia)  in recognition of the value of musical performance spanning a history of more than 3000 years and the Helpmann Awards 2013 for his recital with Andrew Lawrence-king at Melbourne Recital Center (Australia).

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