The International Ancient Music Centre Foundation (CIMA) was established by Jordi Savall and Montserrat Figueras to ensure the recovery and appreciation of the universal musical heritage from the year 900 until 1850, with exceptional works from the mediaeval, Renaissance and Baroque periods, and with particular attention to the Hispanic and Mediterranean musical heritage.

The CIMA Foundation is convinced that ancient music is of extraordinary importance to today’s world, such is its beauty and expressive power, as well as being of prime importance in the current context of a “clash of civilizations”. Ancient music belongs and relates equally to the Mediterranean and New World cultural spheres and the CIMA Foundation does everything within its power to recover and promote this ancient musical heritage. Our task is to ensure that this musical heritage does not remain forgotten, and this we do through in-depth, systematic study of the composers and their works, even when they are little known today, or scattered amongst different libraries and collections. Furthermore, our concerts and recordings make them available to audiences all round the world.

Jordi Savall and Montserrat Figueras have established a number of ensembles that embody the Foundation’s concert activity: the instrumental ensemble Hespèrion XX (1974), with Hopkinson Smith and Lorenzo Alpert; the vocal ensemble La Capella Reial de Catalunya (1987); and the Concert des Nations orchestra, which performs Baroque music on original instruments (1989). All of these have rapidly risen to the forefront of ancient music performance thanks to a new conception of it characterised by great musical vivacity hand in hand with the highest degree of historical accuracy in performance.

The primary aims of the CIMA Foundation are these:

  • To ensure that ancient music in general is preserved as it deserves to be, particularly the Hispanic musical heritage, and that it is appreciated as it should be.
  • To raise public awareness of this heritage through a series of activities, such as documentation, cataloguing, teaching, and especially programming and publicising concerts around Europe and the rest of the world, raising its prestige and arousing the admiration of audiences throughout the world.
  • Make our Foundation a byword internationally for research, cataloguing, teaching, performance and dissemination of ancient music.

Board of Trustees

Sr. Joan Rigol i Roig

Sr. Antoni Dalmau i Ribalta

Hble. Sr. Conseller de Cultura  (Generalitat de Catalunya)
Sr. Josep Maria Bricall i Masip
Sr. Josep Borràs i Roca
Sra. Arianna Savall i Figueras
Sr. Ferran Savall i Figueras
Sra. Maria Bartels
Sr. Manuel Forcano i Aparicio
Sr. Romà Escalas i Llimona
Sr. Màrius Bernadó i Tarragona

Artistic direction of the Foundation:

Sr. Jordi Savall

Núria Quintero

Concert booking, and Jordi Savall’s calendar
Francina Medina

Musicology and Scores
Sergio Martínez

Techincal Production
Raimon Casinos
David Galán

Adminstration and Accounting
Joan Carles Arean

Musician’s Agenda
Elisenda Martínez

Institutional Development, Research and Projects
Sergi Grau

Orpheus XXI Coordination
Montse Santiago

Comunications and Academy Coordinator
Daniel Vidal-Barraquer

Production assitant and Logistics
Oriol Fages

Further questions and Information

As we have been since the begining, this year we will continue to work with over a hundred leading musicologists, historians, poets, philosophers, and specialist musicians from around the world, working with imagination, rigor and efficiency to rediscove and promoting an ancient musical heritage. Thanks to them, and – we hope – with your collaboration, we will continue to strive for harmony among peoples and intercultural dialogue, by spreading awareness of countless forgotten treasures as we take a new look at history through the emotion and beauty of music. Join us! Because we, like Feodor Dostoyevsky, believe that beauty will save the world.

If you would like to take part in this initiative you can join the FRIENDS of the Foundation through a various types of patronage and sponsorship and be involved with our musical projects or teaching activities such as the Professional Training Academy.




Friends of the Foundation enjoy the following advantages:

Collaborator: 70-150 € per year
Regular information updates on our activities and important news • Invitation to special events for Friends of the Foundation with Jordi Savall • Occasional discounts for a concert of Jordi Savall • Insertion of your name with the Friends of Foundation information.

Become a Collaborator

Benefactor: 300-750 € per year
All the previous advantages • Free gifts of our new record releases • Invitations to a concert organized by the Foundation • Tax benefits, depending on each country’s current legislation.

Become a Benefactor

Sponsor: over 1000 € per year
All the previous advantages • Possibility of establishing a business cooperation agreement with the Foundation, with the corresponding tax deductions according to each country’s current legislation.

Become a sponsor

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In accordance with the Spanish Organic Law on Personal Data Protection 15/1999, the owner of this data may exercise his/her right to access, modify, oppose or cancel the aforementioned personal data by contacting the Foundation at the following address: Camí de la Font, 2. E-08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès). For further information or inquiries, please contact us at:

La Fundació Centre Internacional de Música Antiga té el suport de


Friends of the CIMA foundation:

Roser Crexells
Veronika Müller & Jörg Mäder / Scuola Vivantes
Upra, SL


María Ángeles Marqués – Nirina Haller – Patrícia Lopez – Jordi Vila – Maria Dolors Chillón – Jordi Sala – Alejandra Undurraga – Maria José Vidal  – Gabriel Gonzalez – Christine Vanhaelen – Antoni Oliva –  Frédérique Breitel – Giacomo Ponzetto –  Alberto Diego – Eva Mª Diego – Francis Bordet – Maria Asunción Esteban – Virtudes de la Riva – Javier Noceda – Frederic Larreula – Raynaud Annick – Liris Delma de Lima e Silva Azevedo – Carlos Montero – Christine de Brenni – Sylvie Roby – Andrea Saltelli – Oriol Fort – Eudald Pladevall – Nicole Crombé – Roger Garcia

To all of you, Thank you!!


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Festival de Poblet

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Orpheus XXI

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